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How Big Data elects the next president

Big Data is not only an indispensable tool for successful marketing campaigns. Data analytics is also becoming increasingly important for political campaigns. Barack Obama was a pioneer using big data in his successful bid for the US presidency in 2008. Eight years ago most of his competitors did not really understand the power of data.

Tech Trends


Audi explores metal 3D printing for the automotive industry

This faithful model of the grand prix sports car, “auto union type c” from 1936 was printed at audi. The metal components for the silver arrow model on a scale of 1:2 were also made in a 3d printer. “We are driving new manufacturing technologies in the tool shops of Audi and within the Volkswagen



Without change no success

Ability to change is arguably the single most important feature of a modern organization. World class products or best in class services have very little value if the competition does something even better tomorrow and you stick to what you have always been doing.

The Cloud


How smart companies constantly can adapt

Runtastic is a prime example of the new systems and business models that thrive on constant change. Runners, cyclists, and other recreational athletes can use the fitness portal to track performance data such as time, speed, calories burned and pulse, thus being able to measure their improvement. Data collected from an individual who uses the app are

How To

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Five tips for secure cloud data

Five tips on how to ensure the security of data in your cloud system. Use strong data security features Utilize antivirus programs, encryption controls and other features that help protect data. Use the right security controls to see that all data moves back and forth as needed without risking outside people breaking into the data. A